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This roles sets up a ssh server with its configuration on a Debian (based) system. It is used for the provision setup.


One or multiple users must be member of the ssh_login group. Group Membership is not managed by this role.

SSH keys of the authorized users must be present in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. Keys are not managed by this role.

Ansible role xamanu.user may be used to manage a default user with group membership and keys.


-* Only connections with ssh key authentication are possible (no password login). -* root access is generally not allowed. -* Only users that are members of the ssh_login group can login through ssh. -* The group can be configured via the secure_ssh_group variable. -* Port is switched from 22 to the indicated value from the ansible variable secure_ssh_port, which can be specified conveniently in the ansible.hosts file. -* A link to download the authorized_keys file for ssh must be specified with the variable ssh_authorized_keys.

This is work in progress and it is prefered to collaborate on it. Please communicate over the issue queue. Every pull request is highly appreciated.

Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
     - { role: xamanu.essentials }

You can connect directly with:

-ssh -p YOURPORT user@123.456.789.1



Author Information

Felix Delattre -